Leadership Teams

Systemic Leadership Team Coaching

The World of 21st Century Leadership

'Business as usual' no longer exists, and it never will again. There is no constant in this relentlessly changing, digitally networked, intergenerational and individualistic yet interdependent 24/7/365 world.

Leadership teams today are faced with unprecedented challenges: They have to simultaneously run the business and transform it, whilst concurrently being members of multiple and diverse teams. They have to engage a much more complex and diverse range of partners and stakeholders in order to be successful, managing the expectations of different stakeholders and working with systemic conflict between different stakeholder needs.

They work virtually, internationally, multi-culturally in a world of rapid change that is becoming more complex and interconnected every day. The established hierarchical, directive management style that has prevailed over the past century no longer delivers results. The major challenges of leadership today do not lie in any of the respective parts, but rather in the interconnections between all of the parts.

As a result the prevalent focus on the development of individual leaders is changing. The greater potential for success resides in the collective: aligned and cohesive leadership teams that innovate collaboratively towards a common purpose.

The leadership teams that thrive in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world of the 21st century will:

  • Strategize in totally new ways that generate collective intelligence and shared consciousness with new awareness, new mind-sets and fast innovation
  • Create a team-based culture - a team of teams, that is not only highly networked internally but effectively networked across its whole organisational eco-system
  • Constantly learn fast and innovate not only their products, but their processes, business model, governance, digital enablement, customer experience, stakeholder engagement and their wider value chain
  • Embed its leadership development amid this process, ensuring tomorrow's leaders have early involvement in challenge teams, innovation and strategizing processes

How do we prepare our organizations and leaders to adapt and develop the strategic foresight, agility, connectedness and resilience to ride these waves of change?

Systemic Leadership Team Coaching is a powerful and proven methodology for aligning senior teams in defining the future, building relationships and engaging the participation and focus of all stakeholders towards the purpose of the organization in a strategic and sustainable way.

Systemic Team Coaching is a transformational process that functions at the intersection of leadership development, strategy and organizational design, taking an "outside-in and future-back" perspective. This is not a one-off facilitated team intervention. Rather it is a generative progression over the course of six to twelve months. It is a co-crafted multi-dimensional journey to create and integrate new ways of leadership thinking, responding, relating, innovating and planning. It establishes a platform for shaping a culture which enables success, in an emerging future which bears little resemblance to what we have known before. Systemic Team Coaching can take place in person, virtually (online) or a combination of both.

With an experienced team of highly-trained Systemic Team Coaches, Metaco co-creates Systemic Team coaching programmes with client organisations that deliver outstanding results for:

Executive Teams: Creating the vision for the future, running and transforming the business and its wider system in parallel whilst managing the expectations of all the different stakeholders. Restoring trust in the organisation and its leadership, and managing the interfaces between people, teams, functions, and different stakeholder needs.

Boards: Conducting Board development programmes in the private, public and NGO sectors.

Leadership Teams: Aligning them with the purpose of the company and the vision of the Board and Executive. Enabling them to coach their own teams to become more effective, connected and impactful.

Inter-linked Teams: Coaching the senior leadership team alongside their wider network, including sub-groups and teams that report into them. This can extend to include client leadership teams and other stakeholder groups.

Global Account Teams: Coaching international multi-location and multi-disciplinary teams. Often they are working with complex global and multi-national clients.

Operational Teams and Networked Teams: Teams which exist to perform a specific function for the business and which are required to interact with other parts of the business in their delivery of services or products.

Systemic Team Coaching is a process in which specifically trained team coaches work in partnership with a whole team, both when they are together and when they are apart, in order to help them improve their collective performance and how they work together, and also how they develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider business and co-create value for all their stakeholders

- Prof. Peter Hawkins