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Organizational Coaching

Whilst the need for developing effective leaders and having an engaged workforce has never been stronger, the resources available to spend on interventions like coaching are diminishing. At the same time it's no longer an option to sacrifice people development, as would often have been the case in the past – to neglect this would be tantamount to self-sabotage.

Rather, what organisations are experiencing is that more coaching needs to be done, at more levels of the organisation, and at less cost. As a result, expenditure on coaching is now more likely to be carefully assessed for the return it provides.

It is no longer enough for external coaches to deliver coaching that is primarily valued by the individual coachee. Coaching must also deliver organisational learning, development and evidenced value to stakeholders. Coaching in organizations requires a strong systemic orientation.

Metaco has considerable experience in administering complex coaching projects across multiple tracks and timescales. Our dedicated Project Office employs experienced administrators to ensure that all aspects of our large-scale contracts are managed in a timeous and professional manner.

A comprehensive project plan is co-created in partnership with the organization at the commencement of the project, with Project Managers from Metaco and the organization sharing responsibility equally. Once the approach has been clearly defined, implementation of individual and/or team coaching programmes takes place in accordance with the agreed framework and timescales, taking into account learning that is acquired through the process. Progress is monitored relative to clear milestones, timeframes and budgetary objectives, whilst ensuring and maintaining quality standards. Flexibility allows for changes where this will produce a better result, without compromising the intended outcomes. Integrated reporting, feedback and regular communication and feedback ensures that at all times the organization is fully informed.

Engaging the expertise and experience of Metaco, with its track record for delivering consistently excellent results in a variety of environments, gives your organization the best chance of achieving measurable success through its investment in coaching. You have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can trust Metaco to get on with running an end-to-end coaching project for your company, while you focus on your other important deliverables.


Our proprietary software Quantifi© processes qualitative and quantitative data from coaching activities, to deliver ROI metrics across six integrated Key Result Areas at a level of precision previously not possible. The reports generated by Quantifi© enable your organization to clearly determine its return on its investment in coaching for its leaders. They are additionally useful for other Human Resources and Organisational Learning and Development evaluation and planning purposes.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Metaco to manage end-to-end coaching projects which include selection, management and supervision of coaches, measurement of progress made and feedback for organizational learning...

Executive Vice President – People and OD, Mining Industry