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"If you're not disrupting, you're being disrupted!"

Veldskoen offices - Cape Town
D4B Event

Disruption 4 Breakfast is a platform where inspiring leadership stories come to life as a result of team work and collaborative leadership, being greater than the individual sum of the parts.

The business environment is far too complex and uncertain for a single heroic leader to pivot an organisation into becoming an agile one, one that can anticipate change and skillfully adapt.

This can only be done by creating the Team-of-Teams; leadership teams that are aligned to a common purpose, effectively engaging with key stakeholder groups and transforming the wider business environment, collectively.

You'll be introduced to Future-Fit leadership by our very own Barbara Walsh, MD of Metaco.

About Veldskoen®

Veldskoen® is a native South African footwear brand that is now available in the US, the UK and Europe. The zany shoes are the brainchild of three dotcom entrepreneurs, who all met at Pretoria Boys' High in the early to mid-1990s: Ross Zondagh, Nic Latouf and Nick Dreyer. Zondagh and Dreyer were watching the South African team at the Rio Olympics in August 2016 and - like the rest of the country - were aghast at the team's fashion faux pas; from the ill-fitting and garish tracksuits to the actual competition kit.

Nothing suggested the team was South African. They asked themselves what would, and came up with the velskoen, the humble South African leather shoe that would inspire the chukka or desert boot, but unlike anything that had ever been seen; handmade with colourful laces to match the soles, or mixed and matched if you owned more than one pair.

"We needed a smart guy to tell the story, which is why we approached Nic (Latouf), and that's how DORP (Digital Online Retail Products) was started..."

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