About Us

Harnessing the power of teams to become future fit and deliver on tomorrow's strategy

L ≥ EC

The Darwinian Law of Organizational Survival
(Organizational Learning must be greater than or equal to the speed of environmental change)

  • Culture Change
  • Disruptive strategy
  • New leadership
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation

The complexity of today's world of business is beyond the capacity of the business leader alone to navigate. Success today requires high-performing leadership teams, united behind a common purpose and aligned with stakeholders at all levels, creating a Team of Teams.

Many leaders and organisations understand the need to build new frameworks, but the real challenges lie in the connections between people, teams and functions. To truly future proof organisations and to effect change, leaders need to leverage teams and technology to envision and enact change before it happens.

Metaco is a bespoke consultancy focusing on strategic enablement, organisational design and change-agility Metaco's focus is uniquely at the interface between leadership, strategy and culture. Our work with thought leaders in prominent institutions and environments worldwide, ensures our work is always aligned with global best practice, and carries both local and international accreditation.

Metaco takes a highly systemic approach to all interventions. No one intervention is considered in isolation, our approach rather considers the current and desired status relative to the work and the requirements of the organisations we work with, taking into account the likely impact of the intervention on the system, and of the system on the intervention. Once the variables have been considered, we know what is necessary to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved, in a way that is congruent with the business objectives and over-all vision.

In these times of dynamic change, it's those who possess the skills and characteristics to lead in this new exponential world who will thrive. Metaco's systemic approach and integration of technology, ensures an approach that is:

  • In Context
  • Highly relevant
  • Connects relevant stakeholders
  • Delivers to tomorrow's strategy

Enabling leaders who can envision, transform and shift their organisations into tomorrow and beyond.

Our Associate Team

Metaco has a carefully selected, diverse team of Associates located in various parts of South Africa. All are fully qualified with internationally-recognised degrees and certifications in their fields of expertise. Metaco has the largest team of qualified Systemic Team Coaches in Africa.

In addition to our Executive Coaches, the Metaco team includes some of South Africa's leading experts in Strategy, Organizational Design, Talent Management, Human Resources and Change Management.

Our Associates

Values and Purpose

Why we do what we do

To maximise beneficial impact

with our clients (organizations, teams and individuals) in raising the levels of leadership consciousness and systemic awareness. To co-create a better world of tomorrow, with higher standards and stronger core values

To enable growth

of sustainable and trustworthy companies, equipped to thrive in an environment of ongoing change and disruption, through the development of aligned and collaborative leadership teams

To co-create value

across the entire stakeholder chain of the companies, teams and individuals we work with, contributing towards the growth of the economy in an ecologically sustainable way

To participate

in the future success of South Africa by providing pro-bono and subsidised services to charities and NGO's in order to grow leadership in South Africa from the grass-roots level


Our Clients

  • Accenture
  • AdvTech
  • Air Fiji
  • AngloGold Ashanti
  • Aon
  • Cbi-electric: African Cables
  • Comair
  • Cummins Southern Africa
  • Deloitte
  • Development Bank of South Africa
  • Ericsson South Africa
  • Exxaro
  • Hewlett Packard Business Institute
  • Human Sciences Research Council
  • Industrial Development Corporation
  • Lancet Laboratories
  • Lonmin
  • Marsh
  • Murray & Roberts Group
  • New Forests
  • Nike
  • NRF
  • Samsung
  • Sanofi
  • Servest Group
  • Shanta Gold
  • SA Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • South African Tourism
  • Standard Bank
  • Road Accident Fund
  • Transnet Freight Rail
  • Urban Dynamics
  • Vegeworth
  • WBHO


Our Affiliations

Through our alignment with international thought-leading institutions and associations, Metaco remains at the forefront of the latest thinking in the fields of leadership and organizational development - information that is integrated into everything we do