The State of HR in SA and looking forward to 2020

In a world of disruptive technology, environmental and political upheaval and constantly changing contexts, a siloed approach to leadership in a systemically connected world, no longer fits. Organisations and leaders need a new approach in the face of old paradigms.

Metaco has been featured in the press recently regarding the termination of the acquisition agreement between ourselves and Comair. This experience has made us even more passionate about  working with purpose driven organisations and about creating opportunities that transform leadership thinking, deliver value and change lives to create a better, more connected world.

Over the past decade we’ve seen the shift within our own business, so we have witnessed and been privy to the shifts within our clients’ organizations’ and industries, and massive shifts in the world at large.

We believe that more people and specifically teams need to step up to leading through purpose. The opportunity for HR Professionals to become valued business partners and take on strategic leadership roles is infinite.

It’s for this reason we wanted to assess the current state of HR in South Africa given the complexity under which businesses operate. We see this complexity as an opportunity to bring the future forward and to deliver on tomorrow’s strategy.

This report features both a look at current trends but also insight best practice, case studies of top brands and a view of the upcoming trends.


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