Through the Lens – Why We Developed a Playbook to Help

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence itself but to act with yesterday’s logic” ~ Peter drucker

We recently released a playbook titled “Through the Lens” to help organisations and leaders transform through the crisis that is CoVid19. The playbook was designed to help leaders and organisations recognise the emergent future, help with scenario planning, offer a process for transition, help leverage teams and digital transformation as well as present examples of organisations who’ve created opportunity from adversity.

Having worked with organisations in facing, embracing and transitioning through crisis and change, the playbook is an opportunity to contribute on a wider scale.

“We know that many industries have been hard hit and will continue to feel the effects of CoVid19 but herein lies the opportunity for individuals and organisations to pivot business models, to imagine unusual ways of working and to create new value.

We have all been amazed at the unprecedented speed at which great change can occur, and this understandably creates anxiety and fear. Yet, considering past experience, I am sure each one of us can remember how unexpectedly good outcomes have arisen out of the most daunting situations. Life itself is our greatest teacher. It’s now calling us to step up to lead differently in the contexts with which we find ourselves; be it our families, our professional lives, our teams and our organisations.”  Barbara Walsh, MD, Metaco

The playbook takes leaders and teams not just through the very real potential scenarios but aims to help shift mindsets with tools that can be utilised individually, with teams and in the organisation as a whole. The idea for the playbook was inspired not purely because of our work but due to the fact that our team themselves has experienced what it means to rapidly shift. 

In a matter of days all the events we’d had planned were cancelled and we had to find new ways of working. We are now leading teams through change via Zoom and other digital technology and learning to work in a radically new way with a remote team. It’s exciting and we believe that there is opportunity for the same shift in every industry.

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